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Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression

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Essay Preview: Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression

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Ikita Adhikari


Mr. Richard Means


Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression

Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression is one of the renounced book that describes the life of a Huey pierce long. The books include a long story of a armature child. Long was born on August 30, 1893 in Winnfield, Louisiana. Long was very intelligent since childhood and he had a charming personality. He was born and raised in a well-educated family. After graduation, Long found a job selling wholesale meats for the Houston Packing Company. Huey then began taking law classes in January 1912, and completed his first year before deciding that it was too much time and work for him. His siblings Julius and Rose begged Huey to go back to law school, but he knew he didn't have enough patience for three more years of school. Huey started his career at a very young age. He learned that he possessed a talent for selling things, and in 1910, he left school without a diploma and went out looking for a job. Further years Huey life didnt went how did he expect because he was out of law school because he didn’t gave patience to his work and he was not dedicated towards his duty. Later on he followed the practicing lawyer and finally became a lawyer.

Long had interest on politics as well he was grown on political background, in 1918 he became a candidate for public office , he was elected as a railway commissioner in that time. He was successful in his career in politics he had a good responses from people and he led an organized and successful campaign. His campaign manager was his brother Julius, but the two began to fight so Huey invited Cecil Morgan to become his partner. As he was a railway commissioner he promised to made a highway and provide the funning to children who do not get chance to study in the school and public institutions. In 1923 Long ran for  the governor but unfortunately lost the primary election but luckily after one year he was reelected as the public service commission and this brings a positive significant in his life. like this way long has been serving his duties in a public role as well as social position.

Long got chance to serve as a governor of Louisiana, this was one of his dream come true. Since his career he was dreaming to become a governor, he had a lot of his goals and he was trying to achieve his objective by doing his duty honestly and in a coordinate was. He was a inclusive guy who want to serve all equally on the basis of their work. during the time there was discrimination and people used to evaluate their work according to their class. His election campaign was so much effective that most of his supports were overdrive and  overconfident trying to get everyone he could to vote for him. Long was basically a man of duty. He used to believe in people and their power. he used to raised citizens voice through his work towards his people and he provided a hope of apathy towards his fellow citizens.

After while when Long was charged with the misconduct of his power and authority, he decided to quite from his post of Governor. This incident brought him another heart breaking story in many peoples life. Someone who was elected to do something was found something mysterious and this became the long’s beginning of ambitious carrier. He had an aim of becoming a senator but this was the turning point of his life and he was distracted. At that time the country was going through great depression. He was trying to remove the mis-concept of his character towards people and in order to alleviate people out of their danger situations. Long decided to run for the president of Louisiana state university although the board of the members were against him and tactfully raised his friend James to run for the president. James was a puppet to Long and helped Huey as per he can. Long and James combing worked together to success their strategy. Long then become the member of senate finally and he was trying to set his goals for nation level post now. His aim was to eliminated the poverty through his legacy. His aim was to become a president one day.

Long had a little bit of cold relationship with his campaigner Roosevelt. He was trying to establish a wall between long’s supporter and his near ones. He has many admires, but on the other hand he had the same end had many people who hated him. In depth, long’s life was full of traditional mis-conception and towards the end it was ended correctly. He used to show his skills to people to make attraction towards him and he was practicing a safe behavior and try to correct his failure.

The great depression was one of the worst hardships that the united states have ever been through. The stock market in 1929 crashed because of great depression. There was a massive unemployment and many commercial sectors were in loss. As the unites states economy was degrading the government slowly made a deal to the people to get out of the slump. The government starts organizing new positive awareness program and new deals related with money making process. Nearly thirty percentage of the jobs was collapsed in united states. People with middle class and low class were highly in trouble because of great depression. Some of the places even faces starvation at that time.

The Roosevelt got elected and implement the new policies and agendas for the citizens of unites states. The government used a propaganda to convince America that the new deal was good for them and working in their favor. The weather made the great depression much worst and US dried up to become the dust bowl. Social security was introduced and the Wagner act was in action form then. Until world war II the economic condition of United States was in critical condition this is the reason many people argue that the reason behind the great depression was the great depression. At the age of 1930s America was utilizing its resources for the preparation of war and great depression played a significant role for it. Great depression left the imprint for the people who loose their hope for a positive life and beginning of new life in their life. During the great depression women started having more child than years before and after. It was another social factors that affect the society at that time. There was changes in each field of the society regarding the educational, social, political and economic backgrounds.



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