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Prospectus on Those Winter Sunday’s

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Essay Preview: Prospectus on Those Winter Sunday’s

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Marcella Williams

                                Prospectus on Those Winter Sunday’s

        I am studying the poem called Those Winter Sunday’s by Robert Hayden during 1913 through 1980. The approach I will use to research this paper is gender criticism. Those Winter Sunday’s reveals that it is a father’s duty to love his children unconditionally through the good, bad, and ugly. Can father’s in today’s society express their love for their children the same way they did 50 years ago no matter the circumstances?

        In order to find out the importantance of a relationship I will investigate these questions. Is father’s important? What makes an effective father and why? Are father’s just as important as mother’s? What is the most encouraging trend about a father and son relationship? What is the most important thing a father can do to benefit the long term outcome of a child? Is it more difficult to raise a son today than it was 50 years ago? What is a father’s love? Why is it important for a father to teach their children to be strong, present and powerful? What are some ways that feminist criticism helps to explain the importance of a father and child relationship?

        In order to help my reader to understand how a father can love his children unconditionally I will explain what a father’s role is. A father’s role is to be there consistently regardless of the circumstances. Father’s should respond to the needs of their children also provide for them financially and also be a role model. A father that provides his presents will have natural influence on their children success. Yes fathers are important equal to the mother on some cases more important. The most encouraging trend in a father and child relationship is the shills that a father can enhance within that child and make a connection with them and focus on loving that child. The most important thing a father can do to benefit the long term outcome of a child is supporting them. I believe it is more effective in today’s society to raise your children then it was 50 years ago because back then it was many barriers like lack of jobs, slavery, poorness, and no resources. Today u still face problems bit you still have the advantage to have a relationship and support your child.



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